We have so much to look forward to and be thankful for this upcoming holiday season. From the beginning of the season with Thanksgiving all the way to New Years, everything becomes more hectic and we’re extremely busy all the time! With all the craziness going on this holiday season, people are so preoccupied with so many things that their annual dental visits is last on their priority list.

If you’re searching for ideas on how to attract your patients despite the holiday chaos, here are a few tips to help you increase your sales, keep your customers engaged and watch your marketing strategies succeed during this busy holidays.

1. Put your electric brushes on sale!
Electric brushes are becoming very popular nowadays. It’s not only cool but it’s very helpful in maintaining good oral hygiene, plus it makes brushing your teeth fun and less tedious. So why not take advantage of this trending product and highlight it by putting it on sale? Electric brushes are a unique and useful holiday gift for anyone. Whether it’s teenagers or adults, electric brushes are the bomb! Just make sure you package it accordingly by adding a red ribbon or gift tag to engage in the holiday spirit.

2. Year-end insurance reminders
Since the end of the year is approaching, most insurance companies have policies where certain services must be used within the year or else it’s lost. Most patients forget all about this. Send them a gentle reminder by email or do a text blast. You may also post a reminder on your social media to catch your client’s attention and encourage them to book an appointment this holiday season to make use of the dental services covered by their health insurance before it gets renewed on the 1st of January.

3. Good ol’ gift cards
If there is something that never gets old each holiday season are gift cards. This is because gift cards, especially the ones specific to dental services, are a very useful holiday present. You are not just helping your patients tick off an item from their shopping list, but in a way you’re promoting your dental space as well.

4. Special holiday teeth whitening offer
With corporate holiday parties beginning to be announced in November and December, why not use this as a promotional venue to advertise your teeth whitening treatments? Everyone wants to look and feel good this holiday season! Encourage them to try your teeth whitening treatments to be able to flash that perfect smile. You may introduce a special holiday promo and give them a nice discount if they use your teeth whitening services during the holidays.