• The Most Effective Time to Send Statements to Dental Patients November 22, 2017 statementA lot of dental practices today schedule the delivery of the billing statements, but this isn’t actually a recommended practice. In fact, having an outstanding account receivable isn’t very ideal in any business. Yes, this could help you get paid for the service or product at the moment it is sent, but insurance companies require ... Continue reading →
  • How to Attract patients with Dental Fear and Anxiety to your Practice September 1, 2017 How to Attract patients with Dental FearEvery dental practice claims they have a professional staff that provides excellent service, but sometimes that’s not enough to lure patients in their practice. According to surveys, about 130 million people in America have dental anxiety. Dentists are fully aware OF how dental care is affected by people’s fear of the dentist. Yet it’s unavoidable ... Continue reading →
  • Dental Practices Must Follow EPA Regulations August 15, 2017 dental practice EPADental practices today are required to abide to strict federal (EPA) and state regulations that require them to dispose their bio-hazardous materials properly. Every day, your dental practice accumulates infectious, hazardous and pharmaceutical wastes that when not properly disposed, could impose harm to many people. As EPA’s Resource Conservation regulatory requirement, dental offices should forge proper management of both hazardous and ... Continue reading →
  • How to Stay In Touch With Your Dental Patients July 5, 2017 stay in touch with patientsIn 8,760 hours a year, you only get an average of 3 hours to meet a single dental patient. How will you be able to make your patients remember your dental practice in the remaining 8,757 hours in the year? Read on if you want to know how. The main secret is to encourage patient referrals ... Continue reading →
  • How to Make Your Dental Practice Attract Millennial Patients Online? June 10, 2017 How to Make Your Dental Practice Attract Millennial Patients OnlineToday, almost everything is obtained with a single online click. Online transaction is more favored means for buy-and-purchase activities as well as conducting meetings and other business transactions. As we all know, the ones mostly affected by this are the millennials (born from 1982 to 2000) which has a total population of 83.1 million population ... Continue reading →

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