• Why Social Media is Important for Your Dental Practice March 11, 2017 social media for dentistAt first glance, the dentistry industry may not appear as the industry where social networking is necessary. However, we have found that patients love to share their dental experience on social networking sites. Dental practitioners who depend on older marketing techniques, such as outbound marketing, or print ads, may be hesitant to adapt to these type ... Continue reading →
  • Dental Marketing: Calculating your ROI January 27, 2017 Dental Marketing-Calculating your ROIThe days of hanging the sign at the door that read “Dentist is in” are long gone. The view of how a dentist should grow his or her practice has changed through the last decade. The trends in dental marketing have tremendously evolved, using new and different marketing strategies. Aggressive competition has caused dental practices ... Continue reading →
  • How to Make the Best out of your Dental Medical Facebook Page December 27, 2016 Dental-Medical-Facebook-PageSo, you have fully understood what social networking sites can do to your practice. Now that you have a Facebook page for your dental medical practice, what happens next? Social networking sites are excellent ways for you and your patients to always keep in contact. In addition, this is another great way for your patients ... Continue reading →
  • How to Say ‘Thank You’ to Dental Patients This Holiday Season December 3, 2016 how-to-say-thank-you-to-dental-patients-this-holiday-seasonIf you thought that the ’thanks’ from ‘Thanksgiving’ was over, you’re in for a surprise. Giving thanks to the people around you is important. In your dental practice, giving thanks to your patients is essential. Just like William Arthur Ward said, the feeling of gratitude and not expressing it is just like wrapping your present ... Continue reading →
  • How to Improve Production in Your Dental Practice October 28, 2016 Dental Practice ProductionProduction numbers can go down rather quickly. Most of the time, you find yourself cost cutting and it can be frustrating. Sometimes, dentists have no idea why patients are not accepting treatment or why they are not showing up for appointments, or why there are no patients at all. This can really take a toll ... Continue reading →

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