• How to Grow your Dental Practice the Easy Way April 7, 2016 grow your dental practiceBelieve it or not, the number of Dental Practices has been growing. These days, dentists find it hard to compete and be on top. Keep in mind that promoting your clinic or your dental services through the yellow pages is not enough. There has got to be a perfect way. What Dentists Fail Wherever you may go, ... Continue reading →
  • Do Not Panic! Here are Marketing Solutions for Your Dental Clinic for 2016 March 1, 2016 marketing solutions for dental clinicIt’s 2016, it’s about time to gear up and get your dental clinic moving. If you think New Year’s resolutions are only realized during the first weeks of the year, think again. What you need is simply a marketing solution so you and your Dental clinic will soar up high, and most of all, beat ... Continue reading →
  • How to Maximize Your Dental Practice’s Local SEO February 14, 2016 Maximize Your Dental Practice’s LocalIf you think local SEO is not that important to keep your dental practice, think again. As a matter of fact, it matters a lot. Consider this the lifeblood of your practice. Believe it or not, there are more searches for local businesses than any other. Consumers or patients hit the search engines right away ... Continue reading →
  • Dental Marketing Tips to Kickstart your 2016 right January 20, 2016 kickstart your yearOnline marketing is a dynamic industry, especially in the dentistry industry. That means it is made up of top competition and that fact is not going away soon. That’s why it is important for dentists and marketers to know the latest trends and top best practices for this year. Time to start the year right ... Continue reading →
  • 3 Dental Marketing Ideas That Would Put You Ahead of the Competition December 2, 2015 One of the biggest obstacles for any business is letting people know that they exist. After all, for a business to flourish, people should know who they are, what do they do, what they offer and where they are located. This is where marketing comes in. Marketing is essential for any business. After all, it allows ... Continue reading →

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