• Google Hangouts: An Ideal Dental Practice Marketing Tool July 18, 2015 Online dental practices are beginning to embrace this powerful tool called Google Hangouts. In a short period of time, it has gained popularity as a live streaming video platform. With its proven benefits it starts to become an ideal tool for dental practice marketing. Unfortunately, only a few number of netizens are aware of the ... Continue reading →
  • How to create the best dental marketing plan June 2, 2015 In every big dream you’ve had in life, it would always come with a plan. Whether it was a relaxing trip to the beach or a big party because your best friend just got promoted at work, these things always have to be planned carefully. A marketing plan isn’t so different in a way because ... Continue reading →
  • Five Reasons Why Your Dental Social Media Campaign Is Not Working For You May 15, 2015 With so many people online and active in their social media accounts, the trend for digital marketers have shifted from print and television ads to a more active approach in the said social networking sites. However, it is a highly competitive area and not that easy to dominate for a long period of time. There ... Continue reading →
  • How to Double Your Sales in Your Dentistry Practice April 24, 2015 Many often say that if you do a good job on creating leads for your business, you tend to double your sales percentages? However, would you believe that this isn’t always the case? Would you also believe that in cosmetic dentistry one tends to double their sales only after they have built rapport and that often happens ... Continue reading →
  • Why Your Dental Recare Practice Needs An Online Marketing Strategy January 30, 2015 So you think because your dental practice is successful you don’t need an online marketing strategy? You still need it believe it or not especially when it comes to recare. Recare is highly important, especially for dentists because it helps monitor and maintain the overall health of their patients especially when it comes to several ... Continue reading →

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