Every dental practice claims they have a professional staff that provides excellent service, but sometimes that’s not enough to lure patients in their practice. According to surveys, about 130 million people in America have dental anxiety. Dentists are fully aware OF how dental care is affected by people’s fear of the dentist. Yet it’s unavoidable to schedule a checkup when dental health becomes at risk – mainly because of pain, tooth loss or gum disease.
In an attempt to provide a solution to the rising fear of dentists, several dental practices have begun marketing themselves as pain-free dentistry or comfortable dentists. These dental practices claim they have a caring and helpful professional staff, and promise a comfortable environment for their patients. But those claims aren’t any good for patients. Why? Simply because people don’t believe them.
Keep in mind that if people’s dental fear gets bigger, it becomes more difficult for them to believe in the dentist’s ability to treat them. So it really doesn’t matter what marketing messages you spread all over the Internet. Patients will confirm this personally during their visit.

Don’t just say it, do it!
If patients fail to believe you and you entire staff, then whom will they believe? One possible way is to get information from social media and listen to comments from people who are not actually working at the practice. One good source is Yelp and Healthgrades. Positive reviews from these social media platforms can help dental patients be comfortable in your practice.

Though it’s difficult to admit for some people, even these anxious dental patients actually like the thought of getting dental treatment in some degree. They are also aware that prolonging dental problems can be troublesome. You can use that opportunity to prove to them that your practice is definitely not one to be scared of.
Testimonials from patients who have been to your practice can lift up your practice’s name, so make sure that you post your patient’s video testimonials about you dental practice.

Assure Comfort
It’s not just about excellent dentistry, but other things you can offer. The most important for anxious patients is probably the dental sedation. You know that being on a dental chair can increase patient’s fear tremendously and the anticipation of what will happen next is even more dreadful that’s why dental sedation becomes very important. When you do your marketing, don’t forget to include this, followed by more positive reviews.
For those patients who are trying on this ultimate solution, IV sedation becomes the deciding factor among fearful patients.

Educate patients
Sometimes, fear is triggered by unawareness. Patients who don’t know what will happen next tend to be nervous and very anxious. Many dentists today are trying to more actively teach dental procedures to their patients. It was observed that the more people will know, the more they become at ease. Giving anxious patients control over the pace of events will help them overcome their fear.