Roy M. Stark DDS, PA Delray Beach, FL

“I highly recommend Frank Espinosa and his team if you’re in the market of relocating, selling or opening a new practice. Frank was recommended to me by my dental equipment provider as the perfect person to help me organize my thoughts about what to do with my location. I was getting near the end of a lease and needed to review my long-term plan and strategy.

Frank met with me and we discussed my goals, how long I expected to continue to practice and gave me some great recommendations. After several site location inspections we found the perfect location. Although still not sure of the stress a move could bring I decided to wait and review all my options. After a few turn of events, I contacted him and we got the process rolling forward and within 30 days we opened at our new location. Frank, I want to thank you for your incredible hard, quick and efficient work in helping my family, staff and I move my practice into a great location.”

Roy M.
Harold Acosta DMD, PA Boynton Beach, FL

“Frank’s knowledge in the Dental and Medical business made the process of opening up my dental office go a lot smoother than expected. My wife and I loved Frank’s energy and dedication towards our interest and long term needs. Not only did Frank find me a great location he negotiated a great lease rental rate, excellent terms and was able to have the landlord pay for over $ 60,000 of my construction cost. He also has continued advising me along the way and connected me with the right people to help my dreams of opening up a new dental practice come to life. I definitely will recommend and consider having Frank helping me with my next dental office…”

Arelis Martone DMD Boca Raton FL

“Frank, I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication in helping me achieve my professional goals of owning my very own dental practice. I had spoken to some of the other dental brokers who showed me some older offices which just didn’t feel right nor make financial sense. You took your time with me, listen to my goals, concerns and desires and understood the type of location I truly was looking for in my dream office. Today I am open in a very busy neighborhood shopping plaza in Boca Raton and couldn’t be happier, THANK YOU!!!.

A word to any other Dentist or Medical professional looking to buy, sell or open a new practice. Trust in Frank and his extremely qualified TEAM of professionals, they truly know what they are doing and will deliver incredible service.”

Andrea Trujillo DMD, PA Pembroke Pines, FL

“Frank, I can’t thank you enough for everything you did to help me get into my new dental office space. Your entire team was very professional and dedicated to my project. You help me think the entire project though and from site selection to final lease negotiations your professionalism and commitment was demonstrated. I am very proud that you’re my husband and that dentist or medical professionals can trust in your abilities, commitment and knowledge to get the job completed and in helping them achieve their professional goals.”

Renata Cunha DMD, PA Pompano Beach FL

“After looking for some time for the right location to open my dental office, I can’t believe how easy and quickly you helped me find the perfect location. I am now open and ready to serve my patients in a state of the art all digital dental office. Frank, I Thank you and your team for helping me achieve my professional goal of owning my very own practice.”

Anna Aller DMD, PA Coral Gables, FL

“Frank is the Dental Broker every dentist needs. He helped me find the practice of my dreams. He was extremely professional, talented and resourceful. Expect nothing but outstanding service and support.”

Hector Naranjo DMD, PA Evolution Dentistry, Parkland FL

“Thanks Frank for all your help and experience in negotiating an incredible lease and for bringing the entire team together to help me design and build my new office. Over the last few years, several other Dental Brokers mentioned that building an office would be a nightmare, well I am GLAD I have met you because this truly is a dream come true. Construction was completed in record time and we opened on schedule. Great JOB and THANK YOU once again.”

Ericka I Felix DMD, PA Sunset Oaks Family Dental

“Frank I’m grateful to God for that day when I found your ad on the internet. We have come a long way, my family and I am eternally grateful for you being a man of integrity, a mentor and a coach. I think the best of you THANK YOU. My practice will be a huge success, greatly in part for what you have done for me, the rest is on my abilities. I can honestly say, “Mr. Frank Espinosa will be part of my career story for generations to come”. I know you will become “The Godfather” of the dental practice sales world. Thank you once again.”

Rene Cedeño DMD, PA Kendall Area, Miami FL

“It is my pleasure to recommend Frank Espinosa as a top Dental Broker who sold my Dental office in just a few weeks and facilitated me in the purchase of a new office condo unit. Frank was also a great asset in the build out of my new office. I appreciated very much his fast and efficient work. Frank is very professional and well prepared, which gave me 100% confidence in his abilities. I recommend him for his expertise, experience and integrity. Once again Thank you Frank.”

Burak Taskonak DMD, PA Rio Vista Area, Ft Lauderdale FL.

“Frank, I can’t thank you enough for your hard work in helping me find the perfect location for my new Dental Office. I had some difficulty for some time trying to find the right location. You made it easy sticking with me all the way until the end. You negotiated GREAT lease terms and I know I have a great lease for years to come. Construction started recently, I am very excited. We are hoping to be completed with everything by the end of November 2013.”