All success stories from thriving dentists have one common denominator. That is putting client’s satisfaction on top of their priority list. Check out these 5 ways on how patient satisfaction leads to increased revenue and stable profit.

1. Satisfaction is equal to loyalty
Satisfied patients are highly loyal when it comes to their dentist’s service. Sometimes, a certain patient visits your clinic because you are affiliated with their current insurance plan. But once they are satisfied with your services, they will keep coming back even if they have switched their insurance plans. This level of loyalty maintains a stable revenue system, one which you can already forecast. It is also an important factor in decreasing business costs as you are able to save on money that is required to be spent for marketing and advertising to target patients.

2. Satisfied patients are more willing to maintain good oral care
Satisfied clients are more likely to take care of their oral health better. You can encourage good oral care practice by letting patients watch videos to help them better comprehend different oral health conditions, dental treatments and ways on how to prevent dental disorders. Patient education done through media, such as videos, help patients to understand their condition easily as compared to verbal discussions, showing of xrays or other traditional modes of patient education. This level of understanding promotes trust between the dentist and the patient which results to better oral hygiene practice later on.

3. Client satisfaction fosters better reception to treatment
Research says that 93% of patients stated that they will be returning to a dentist who provided a detailed explanation of required treatments as opposed to optional treatments. Dental practice will thrive financially if there are more patients who opt to undergo a specific dental treatment because they’re aware of how it will directly benefit their dental health.

4. Satisfied patients advertise by word of mouth
If you keep your clients satisfied, it’s almost a 100% certain that they will share the positive dental experience they’ve had with you. Futuredontics conducted a recent survey and results showed that 29% of patients depend on client reviews when shopping for a probable dentist, and 86% are willing to pay a higher amount for premium dentists. When trust has been strongly established between a dentist and a patient, the patient will not think twice to share their positive experiences to their family, friends and colleagues. More so, positive feedback from clients may be shown on their social media posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This can touch a larger scope of possible clients for you, making your dental practice increase in revenue due to the number of potential clients that may be attracted because of this positive feedback.