A common misconception when you hear the word dentist is the feeling of discomfort that you anticipate long hours on a chair followed by excruciating pain. However, a good dentist knows how to break away from that stigma and make a good lasting impression on their patients. Why? A happy and satisfied patient increases the chances of them coming back to you rather than going to any other dentist. Your sales depends from the direct satisfaction of your patients.

As of 2015, 60.4% of the adult U.S. population visited their dentist at least once a year. On an average, a dentist can assess and service up to 300 patients a day. There are a lot of factors that can affect and influence consistent patient visits but the most prevalent one, especially with children, is fear of the dentist.

This is the reason why some dental practices are not doing so well nowadays. Treating 300 patients may seem doable but it’s better to have a loyal and recurring client base that chooses your office over all others, than to have new patients every week.

The Impression

Due to the misinterpretation of media and false advertising, dentists are feared rather than respected. This is why a successful dental business should leave a lasting mark with their patients. This means making everything comfortable as possible for your patients. You may be the one with the degree and knowledge, but the patients are your lifeline. The fact that your patients may think that you are there to hurt them means you’re fighting an uphill battle. You should be able to make them feel relaxed and reassured that nothing will hurt and you’ll be quick as possible.

An effective dentist makes sense but a hospitable and approachable one creates financial growth. At the end of the day, your ultimate goal is to create a patient that is confident in trusting you and will favor to come back anytime when they need to.

The Team

A Dental business doesn’t extend in effort to just the dentist themselves, but the whole staff as well. Before every patient is accepted for check-up or surgery, they have to go through the front desk and your enthusiastic front desk team. The team members should be knowledgeable in all aspects of the business and communicate effectively with clients, especially by phone. This creates a smooth flow with less confused patients and happier ones. The assistants and interns should also be efficient and well-versed with their work. They should be like an extension of the dentist. The dental office should be clear of confusion and chaos. They should be able to come together and work well with each other. A happy team creates efficient work and also produces happy patients