As dentists and business owners of a dental practice, your patient’s satisfaction is your top priority. This is why most feel disappointed when their clients criticize something about their services. You see that your effort and quality of service wasn’t enough for them. The problem with this is that you see this as something negative. You tend to see it as failure as a business owner and dentist, and you often see this as moment of negativity. But instead, you should take it the positive way and as a way for you to learn. First of all, you shouldn’t take criticism personally. You should understand that these comments aren’t judging your character as a person or as a dentist. Those criticisms are ways on how you can improve your business and how you can grow as a professional. This is why you know the real benefits of accepting criticism and taking action.


There is no other medium of exposure more powerful than word by mouth if you own a dental practice. Your clients are also considered your added advertisers. This is why their complaints can be crucial as to how much exposure you can get in the long run. The way you handle and take action of your patients’ criticisms and complaints will be how impressed they will be with your dental practice. The better the impact that you leave on each and every client that comes through your door, the more that they tend to share their experience with other people. People will usually leave happy when the service is done right and they might refer you to their friends and family. The opposite can also leave a negative view on your business and people may even avoid your dental practice.


Sometimes, you might feel like criticisms comes from unhappy clients, but most of the time, it comes from your loyal patient base. They are the ones who have been with you for longer and see what can still be improved and tweaked to better your dental practice. This is why their suggestions should be vital to your success as a business. This can also be very influential for new clients. The fact that you take the time to listen and understand their complaints makes them feel valued. A content and happy client creates loyal patients that would consider you as their first choice when it comes to any of their dental problems.

Boost Success 

No matter how many complaints you have to face, they would mean nothing if you didn’t know how to act on those criticisms. Most people actually don’t know how they can improve their dental practice. This is why it’s so important to take your patient’s comments very seriously in order to further grow your dental practice. The most successful clinics out there understand what complaints really are and what can be done to correct and improve them. Real success is done through trial and error and taking every criticism with the intention of growing as a business.