Improving Case Acceptance through Dental Newsletters

January 4, 2019 Blog, Blog|dental industry, Blog|dental practice|marketing tips by florence No comments

In almost every dental office to date, the most frustrating thing is the rate of case acceptance. Any good dental business would surely aim to increase revenue and get their clinic booming. The challenge there is how they can improve their case acceptance rates when a lot of patients don’t even follow their treatment recommendations.

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How to Have an Eco-friendly Dental Office

June 5, 2018 Blog, Blog|dental industry by florence No comments

Nowadays, being environment-friendly and eco-conscious has become an amazing trend. People are becoming more aware that resources are ending and pollution is turning into a health hazard. This is why it’s great to see dentists deciding to go green, but green solutions can be confusing to distinguish and implement especially when you try and filter […]

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