How to Make Improvements in Your Dental Practice During Downtime

April 14, 2020 Blog, Blog|dental industry, dental industry, dental marketing by dentalmed No comments

Unlike other frontline medical professionals, dentists do not have that much impact when fighting a severe pandemic like COVID-19. However, dentists do have the highest risk of exposure and contamination because the main medium of viral spreading is through a droplet. This is why most dental practices have decided to close for business. It saves […]

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How to Educate Your Dental Patients

November 5, 2019 Blog, Blog|dental industry by dentalmed No comments

You may understand dental anatomy and every know periodontal disease, but it isn’t that helpful in the practical sense. We have to acknowledge that we are handling average people who aren’t aware of all the medical terms. The vocabulary of our line of work is practically foreign to them and bombarding them with so many […]

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How to Finance Your Dental Practice

October 15, 2019 Blog, Blog|dental industry by dentalmed No comments

Opening your own dental practice can be an exciting time, but it also comes with its own challenges. You may have the necessary skills, aptitude, and tools to showcase your own practice but managing your own dental business will involve something else entirely. Money may not always be a means to an end but it’s […]

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The Best Ways to Handle Anxious Dental Patients

September 16, 2019 Blog, Blog|dental industry, Blog|dental industry|dental marketing|dental practice|marketing tips by dentalmed No comments

Even if you believe that a person’s dental health is important, there’s people who already have false presumptions that results in anxiety in dental appointments. These patients can be a bit uncooperative and are generally problematic to handle. They will even decide to avoid going to you as long as possible which can actually make […]

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