Production numbers can go down rather quickly. Most of the time, you find yourself cost cutting and it can be frustrating. Sometimes, dentists have no idea why patients are not accepting treatment or why they are not showing up for appointments, or why there are no patients at all. This can really take a toll not only in your confidence as a dentist, but also on your career as well. Hitting production goals is important and there are steps that you can follow to get you started.

Connect with patients

As with any other business, you need customers in order for your company to continue operating. In the dental world, your patients are your customers and similar to the business world, you need to build trust so that your patients will schedule a treatment. Get to know more about your patients and encourage your staff to do the same. Rapport is important because it gives you that connection between you and your patients which can help earn trust. Educating patients can help establish a connection. Make sure that you educate them to let them know that you care.

Do not neglect current patients

While attracting new patients is a good thing, you need to make sure that you also value your current clients as well. Improving production does not mean neglecting your current patients and focusing on newer ones. Always remember that current patients are still important and they might become promoters of your clinic and can earn you new patients. Provide the same services that you give to your new patients to the current ones and always remember to provide that well needed friendly and comfortable environment for your patients.

Confirm your appointments

Broken appointments is something that you really need to prevent, so always confirm your appointment so that you can prevent this from happening. Always keep in touch with your patients by asking them how they want to be contacted whether it is by call, text messaging or email. Also, make sure that you remind your patients at least two days before their scheduled appointment.

Add new services

While being an old-school dentist can be a good thing, sometimes, an upgrade can also be a good thing. If you have not added new services in years, then you might be surprised that a lot of patients are looking for a dentists that are up to date when it comes to services. Add new services and upgrade equipment so that you can attract new patients to your practice. It will also give current patients the reason to go back to your clinic and schedule treatment. Learning new skills will also add to your repertoire and this can be good for marketing purposes which can lead to increased production.

Hire a treatment coordinator

If patients are not accepting treatment, then you know that there is really something wrong. Sometimes, explaining the importance of treatments can take time and the result is oftentimes not enough. Treatment coordinators can help you discuss the importance of treatment to your patients so that they can maintain oral health. Treatment coordinators also need to be trained in sales and also need to call patients at least two days after the initial presentation.