The Engagement of Every Dental Patient

April 19, 2019 Blog by florence No comments

Your patients will always be the most important aspect of your clinic. They are your main source of income and your gateway for growth as a business. This is why you should know how to retain these patients and how to build up their loyalty with your dental business. The fact is that consistent dental […]

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Improving Case Acceptance through Dental Newsletters

January 4, 2019 Blog, Blog|dental industry, Blog|dental practice|marketing tips by florence No comments

In almost every dental office to date, the most frustrating thing is the rate of case acceptance. Any good dental business would surely aim to increase revenue and get their clinic booming. The challenge there is how they can improve their case acceptance rates when a lot of patients don’t even follow their treatment recommendations.

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How to Deal with Negative Dental Feedbacks

September 27, 2018 Blog by florence No comments

In any business and even at your dental practice, your client’s reviews are very crucial for you practice to grow. It not only assess the bond you’ve created with potential patients, but also presents you how good you’re delivering your services to them. These reviews are for more effectiveness, rather than just word-of-mouth recommendations, because […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Overwhelm your Dental Patients

July 2, 2018 Blog by florence No comments

The fact is most patients don’t go to you because they just want to know if their teeth are still healthy. Most of the time, it’s because there’s a problem. Some people feel skeptical, anxious and even a bit afraid, especially if it’s their first time having dental problems. What you should do is talk […]

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