Even if you believe that a person’s dental health is important, there’s people who already have false presumptions that results in anxiety in dental appointments. These patients can be a bit uncooperative and are generally problematic to handle. They will even decide to avoid going to you as long as possible which can actually make it worse for them because they’re letting their dental health deteriorate and create even more dental complications. Their overall perspective and negative mood can affect you and your practice. This is why you should know the best ways to tackle and cope with anxious patients. Most of them will be hesitant at first, but handling them right brings results in loyal clients for your practice.


All the anxiety and false presumptions is neither your fault nor your patient’s fault. You have to understand that most of these patients have limited knowledge of their dental health and their idea of going to the dentist is based from bad media and word of mouth. The best you can do for them is to reassure them and understand them to the best of your abilities. This means you should take the time to listen to their concerns and answer all of their questions to an extent that makes them trust you. There should be honesty and open communication between you and your patients. They should be informed of even the smallest details. The fact is that their anxiety and presumptions come from not understanding what proper dental health actually really is.

Clinical Aesthetics

It may seem petty to factor in the ambiance of your dental office as what deters patients from actually staying and even approaching your clinic but it can be actually a critical part of your practice. A front desk and waiting area that feels like an Emergency Room or a morgue will make any patient feel uneasy and make them have second thoughts about being there in the first place. A homey space with a welcoming space sets a better mood for your patients. Your patients are already anxious as it is and stressing their mental state with a negative ambiance will actually worsen their worries. You should have a clinic that calms their minds and masks the harsh sounds of drills and the smell of alcohol. Your space should be able to reassure them that they are safe and that nothing bad is going to happen.

Diversion and Authority

A lot of people actually have fears and doubts when they feel like they don’t have control in a certain situation. This is why one of the most practical ways to manage their anxieties is to give them a sense of authority when deciding on procedures, practices and even medications. This creates a mindset that they were the one that set it up so they should have no problems sticking to it through to the end. It alters their way of thinking that it should be fine now because they’re the ones making the decisions. If this doesn’t help that much and anxieties are still high, you can also distract their attention from their fears to something that keeps them entertained. You can encourage them to bring their own headphones to muffle dental machine sounds. Some clinics even have TVs setup to divert attention easily.