How do you do it?

You have to admit that most people simple don’t want to pay a visit to their dentist, mainly because they’re scared. This becomes a major problem from getting the care they need. Some of their excuses may be: “I’m busy” “I have another appointment” “I need to take care of something else.” The number of excuses continues for as long as they can stay away from that dental chair. Dental practice receptionists sometimes have a hard time with these patients because they cancel last minute or don’t even show up to the clinic.

What’s in it for the dental practice?

These fearful patients cost money, and it quickly becomes very frustrating. Money, time, and effort may all go down the drain the moment they call in saying that they can’t show up on their scheduled appointment. However, with these tips you’ll be able to ease their anxiety during their checkup day, and they will gradually become the loyal patients you have been wanting to have.

Steps in Creating a Transformation

Without any delays, here is a step-by-step guide on how to transform fearful dental patients to loyal patients.

Step # 1: Team members, prepare!

Remember that an anxious patient will look for any reason to leave with a greater chance of never coming back. Don’t give them room for them to feel that way the minute they walk in your clinic. This means that team members have to prepare! Teach them to recognize your patients and provide extra attention in order to make them feel at ease. Greet them with a smile as your patients open the door and even while they wait for their turn. Should they need assistance in filling out some paperwork, offer them your help.

Step # 2: Education is one of the keys

Your patients did not go to college for dentistry, so teach them the procedure you’re going to perform on them to keep their teeth healthy. You don’t know whether or not your patients have had bad experiences or heard horror stories from their friends and family. Educate your patients, this is one of the best ways to keep them.

Step # 3: Start a signaling system

In order to make your patients feel comfortable, start creating a signaling system with them. Although they may have understand the procedure you will perform on them, there may be instances where your patient might feel uncomfortable. Teach them to raise their hand so you’ll know when to stop or continue.

Yes, these fearful patients can be stressful. But there are only three steps to turn your fearful patients to loyal ones. Smile, educate them, and communicate with them. These enable them to keep calm and feel at ease and most of all, come back to your practice comfortably.