Unlike other frontline medical professionals, dentists do not have that much impact when fighting a severe pandemic like COVID-19. However, dentists do have the highest risk of exposure and contamination because the main medium of viral spreading is through a droplet. This is why most dental practices have decided to close for business. It saves their clients the risk of going out during the quarantine period and it saves the dentists from risking their own health. This also means your business is at a standstill until further notice and the anxiety of the financial status of the future for your practice is understandable.

The best thing for any dental practitioner to do as of right now is plan, assess and make improvements that can help prepare and boost your practice while the pandemic is over, and the quarantine protocol is lifted. This is why you should know what kind if enhancements you can do during this long downtime.

Trainings and Seminars

The physical world may have come to a standstill as people are trying their best to follow social distancing protocols, but there is one industry that has seen a huge boost in activity. The digital and online world is looking at a huge boost in traffic because education has shifted to online classes and some companies have converted to working from home. This also means that most seminars and trainings have also turned online.

This is your chance to increase your knowledge and skills as a dentist. With how much free time you have right now, you have the advantage of looking for great seminars that can potentially give you the edge. There is no limit of how much you can learn if you just put the effort to look for good online trainings and seminars.

Facilities and Equipment

If you’ve been in business for a long time, this may be the chance for you to re-assess and to spruce up your dental practice. You should take the time to check and catalog your equipment as to which ones are still in good condition and which ones are in need of repair or upgrade. After the quarantine period is over, the best way you can attract your clients to come back and gain new clients is to change how your clinic looks.

For newer dental practices, this is also the best time to plan potential future upgrades to your clinic and establish a more efficient system for maintaining and cleaning your facilities and equipment.

Online Presence

With how much time everyone has right now, especially people around the world in quarantine, this is the best moment for you to also boost your online presence and improve your website to attract people to your dental practice. You may not be able to do any physical services for your clients, but you can help educate them and keep them informed as to their dental health. This can also serve as a forum for any questions that your clients may have and help them with any problems that they may encounter.

You may not be able to physically meet your clients eye to eye, but you can at least maintain your relationship with them throughout the quarantine period.