The Key to Loyal Dental Patients

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A common misconception when you hear the word dentist is the feeling of discomfort that you anticipate long hours on a chair followed by excruciating pain. However, a good dentist knows how to break away from that stigma and make a good lasting impression on their patients. Why? A happy and satisfied patient increases the […]

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What to do when marketing budget is not enough on your dental practice?

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In the dental marketing industry, there is no such thing as ‘not enough’. It’s all about being a smart marketer. They are the kind of people who know how to take advantage when the budget is smaller than usual. But again, it’s not all about the size, nor is it about following the latest trends. […]

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How to Say ‘Thank You’ to Dental Patients This Holiday Season

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If you thought that the ’thanks’ from ‘Thanksgiving’ was over, you’re in for a surprise. Giving thanks to the people around you is important. In your dental practice, giving thanks to your patients is essential. Just like William Arthur Ward said, the feeling of gratitude and not expressing it is just like wrapping your present […]

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Dental Practices Must Follow EPA Regulations

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Dental practices today are required to abide to strict federal (EPA) and state regulations that require them to dispose their bio-hazardous materials properly. Every day, your dental practice accumulates infectious, hazardous and pharmaceutical wastes that when not properly disposed, could impose harm to many people. As EPA’s Resource Conservation regulatory requirement, dental offices should forge proper management of both hazardous and […]

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