In almost every dental office to date, the most frustrating thing is the rate of case acceptance. Any good dental business would surely aim to increase revenue and get their clinic booming. The challenge there is how they can improve their case acceptance rates when a lot of patients don’t even follow their treatment recommendations.

There is also the matter that most dental clinics have no clear picture of their own case acceptance rate and how it holds up to other dental clinics. The facts is that case acceptance stems from building a positive relationship with clients. There has been distinct correlation with how high case acceptance rate also means a high level of trust with the patients. A dental newsletter can be a very effective messaging tool that can help improve the trust and understanding between you and your patient. There a lot of ways as to why dental newsletters can be a great gateway to increase those case acceptance rates.

Motivations and Doubts

The most common use for your dental newsletter is to showcase information and clarify misconceptions and general queries. We all live in a world of quick and easy marketing. Most of us are bombarded daily by adverts by products and services to an extent of annoyance. These adverts are mostly overly exaggerated and falsely claimed. They have become used to this kind of environment and you can’t actually blame them for their skepticism. This is why a good dental newsletter with simple yet strong facts can help your business a lot. Most people now want things that actually deliver on what they have promised. Your newsletter’s aim is to get your audience hooked on what you’re trying to offer. Facts may be good, but emotion that strengthens the relationship of your clients is even better. Your newsletter should also invoke at least some emotional feeling, especially concerning their dental problems.

Continued Education

One of the most beneficial and effective advantages of using dental newsletters is quick and easy continuous information. This can also be a good way you can keep in touch with your patients. You can create a systematic method of giving out easy-to-read and case-focused articles to your clients. It will make them feel that you actually do care for their problem and want to keep them updated on the latest and greatest dental studies and trivia out there. This builds a better connection with them even after their treatment has already finished. They will also be more inclined to opt to your services especially with how you handle them. All in all, your aim is to create a strong trust with them so their case acceptance rate would also improve.