The dental business can be very lucrative, but only with the right and the top marketing plans out there. There is a huge competitive market for dental services so you have to know how you can stand out from the rest and potentially get more patients and bigger revenue in the long run. What most dental markets out there lack is a solid marketing plan that will help them succeed.

1. Track and trace everything you do
Creating a successful marketing strategy is a process of trial and error until you find the best one that fits you. This means that you should make the effort to track your marketing so you can further assess inadequacies and learn from your mistakes the first time and help guide where you can reinvest for success.

2. Train your staff to their potential
The best way to secure potential clients is that your staff, but especially your front desk staff, are capable of handling all the incoming clients. You don’t want them to be botching client sales and losing the potential revenue for your market.

3. Scout your competition
The dental market can be very competitive and knowing them can be a huge advantage. You want to stand above them and understanding what they are and what they offer so you can also be aware what you can do to be different from them.

4. Establish a USP
A USP, or Unique Selling Point, is a targeted statement showing prospects how your service differs from the rest. This could be dental services that have never been done before or even providing insurance. You should know to be unique from the rest of your competition.

5. Create a solid marketing budget
A lot of people don’t want to do this, but make the effort to do the math. It may seem taxing but you should know how to allocate what percentage of your gross revenue and put it in your marketing budget. You should have a consistent percentage for at least six months to show if that budget worked well.

6. Analyze the set budget consistently
This means doing the data collecting and research of your leads and how much revenue each type of marketing produced. Once you have enough concrete data, you should be informed enough to know where to allocate more budget to and where to lessen the load.

7. Data over intuition
You should be aware what kind of new patients you should be targeting over what you prefer or want. What you need for successful revenue is the ideal patient, not the patients that you feel works well. You should know that not everyone is alike and the Hippocratic Oath doesn’t actually give you leeway to letting you have a preference. This means that you should accept all patients, but use the data you have gathered to find commonalities. It helps you be more specific to a very wide pool of potential clients.

8. Postcards
It may seem a bit outdated with how the internet and social media can be but direct mail actually is still one of the most effective ways to create new patients. These incentive postcards makes potential clients be aware of who you are and what you offer. The discounts or freebies that come with it are what hook them in. You should also do this consistently to keep their interest alive and revenue flowing.

9. Ad campaigns
Your aim is to get your brand of dentals services as far as it can reach, and advertisements are one of the most classic strategies out there. The fact is that most adults and especially millennials spend a lot of time on social media, especially Facebook. You should be proactive enough to set your ads with Facebook.

10. Google Analytics
Google is a powerhouse when it comes to internet, and their marketing feature with Google Analytics is still the best website tracking program. It helps track your website’s traffic, assess the areas and help tweak your marketing plan for the long run. It’s a very versatile tool with a lot of features that can help boost overall marketing strategies.

11. Prepare for the long haul and yearly market
You should realize by now that dental service is not a short-lived venture. People will always need dentists and no matter how successful you’ll be or how influential you become, you will have no choice than to keep pushing through that venture. The fact is that even though people will just skim through your ads, Facebook, or website and they may not need it right now, they will sooner or later need it. Loyal clients are also there for the long run as most new patients will eventually grow accustomed to you when it’s your practice they see over and over again. This all means that no matter how hard it may get at times, consistency is the key to success.