• How to Improve Production in Your Dental Practice October 28, 2016 Dental Practice ProductionProduction numbers can go down rather quickly. Most of the time, you find yourself cost cutting and it can be frustrating. Sometimes, dentists have no idea why patients are not accepting treatment or why they are not showing up for appointments, or why there are no patients at all. This can really take a toll ... Continue reading →
  • Tips to Excellent ‘Customer’ Service at Your Dental Practice September 30, 2016 tips-to-excellent-customer-service-at-your-dental-practiceYou should always aim to achieve customer or patient satisfaction in your business, but specially in your dental practice. Your patients are your number one priority. No matter how you keep on trying, there are instances that you may forget that you have to offer the best customer service. So, how do you keep your ... Continue reading →
  • How to Avoid Lawsuits in a Dental Practice September 1, 2016 avoid lawsuits in a dental practiceJust because your dental practice is running smoothly doesn’t mean sales will always keep on coming. Running a dental business probably means that you have other people working for you. Which translates to you being fully responsible for the actions that your dentist partners and associates make. As a reminder, always be on the look ... Continue reading →
  • The Future of the Dental Industry July 28, 2016 The Future of the Dental Industry Believe it or not, along with the technology and the skills dentists have, the dental industry has been taken to the higher level. In short, the future of dental practices has been predicted. Answers have been revealed particularly, so where will the dental marketing industry be ten years from now? The Battle is on! The objective is ... Continue reading →
  • What to do when marketing budget is not enough on your dental practice? June 23, 2016 marketing budget not enough on your dental practiceIn the dental marketing industry, there is no such thing as ‘not enough’. It’s all about being a smart marketer. They are the kind of people who know how to take advantage when the budget is smaller than usual. But again, it’s not all about the size, nor is it about following the latest trends. ... Continue reading →

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